2 March 2015

Tuff Enough

photo by Terry Tsiolis
photo by Dennis Stock

Emily Browning in God Help the Girl
Winona Ryder

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Tavi by Petra Collins

Lana Del Rey by Bella Liederberg

still from The Craft

Johnny Depp
Julian Casablancas
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu in Fruits


James Dean by Phil Stern
from The Sartorialist

photo by Michael Rougier for Life 

photo by Michael Rougier for Life
photo by Ken Light

Pink Ladies still from Grease

Joan Jett and Kathleen Hanna

Natalie Wood by Ralph Crane for Life
Ralph Macchio and C. Thomas Howell

Matt Dillon in Rumble Fish

still from The Outsiders

Blue jeans, white shirt, walked into the room you know you made my eyes burn.

(I also made this playlist on 8tracks but I don't know how to embed it.)

1 March 2015

Recent-ish TV Wind-up/down (spoilers)

From the season premier of Survivor and The Amazing Race to the season one finale of How to Get Away with Murder, this has been somewhat of a "happenin" week for tv, so I wanted to take some time to write out my thoughts on stuff.

American Horror Story: Hotel?
Perhaps the biggest tv-related news of the week was the announcement that Lady Gaga will be starring in the next (and still supposedly final) season of American Horror Story, likely stepping into the kind of role that would previously have been reserved for Jessica Lange (whose participation in season 5 has never been totally confirmed or denied; personally I think she should at least take a small role, even if only for one episode). While I know a lot of Gaga's Little Monsters are probably pleased about this, I don't know how I feel about it. I'm not particularly a fan of Gaga, nor do I dislike her, but I've never seen her act in anything besides her own music videos, so I have no idea how she would do in a more demanding role. I'm reserving judgement until October, when the series starts up again. Though I am intrigued by the reported theme of "Hotel," which will obviously be playing off things like The Shining and Psycho/Bates Motel. There's a lot of room for spookiness and creepiness there, and it will work well for the ensemble-based story style of AHS. Oh course, not matter what they do, I'll be excited for it. But, if this is their final season, let's just hope they got out with a bang rather than a fizzle.

The Walking Dead
We're a few episodes into this half of season 5, and it has been pretty interesting so far. I've got no problems with it. What I do have problems with is the way some fans are reacting to certain things. Specifically, the negative reaction to the recently introduced characters Aaron and Eric, a gay couple. When I first saw last week's episode, I didn't think anything of their relationship. I mean, what is there to think? Plenty of other characters have been romantically involved, so this seemed no different. It bothered me that we had more characters with similar names (Aaron + Rick = Eric; Carl and Carol; Dale and Daryl; like, come on) but besides that I was more focused on figuring out whether they can be trusted or not. Unfortunately this sentiment isn't shared by everyone. I don't delve much into what people say on twitter or anything, but I've noticed that there are a lot of people getting all hot and bothered over two guys kissing. I really just don't get it. It's 2015, people. 2015! Ugh. But I am glad for the increasing amount of LGBTQ representation on tv, and it's extra good in the case of The Walking Dead because a) it's an extremely popular show and reaches a lot of people, and b) the show isn't specifically about romantic relationships, being homosexual isn't the plot, they're just two characters within the larger scope of the story and they just happen to be gay. Just like in real life when the zombie apocalypse happens!

The Bachelor

With just Whitney and Becca left in the game and the Women Tell All special airing this Monday, another season of The Bachelor is winding down. And I must say, it's been a surprisingly decent season. I mean, anything, ANYTHING, would have be better than Juan Pablo's disaster of a season, but when Chris was announced as the next bachelor, I did have my doubts. He didn't really stand out in Andi's season. He seemed like a nice guy, sure, but besides that, the only notable thing about him was that he's a farmer. And I guess that hasn't really changed with him as the bachelor, but it's been hilarious watching him squirm and stumble over his words every time one of the women asks him something difficult. And the women themselves have been fantastic, super entertaining. A good ratio of craziness to sarcasm. I mostly only watch The Bachelor because there's nothing else that airs on Monday nights (though I believe The Following with Kevin Bacon starts again this Monday, though that show has just become more and more convoluted since the end of season one). But it's telling that I actually watched the show this time around, as opposed to just flipping back and forth, waiting for the rose ceremony. A number of the women were quite open about their past experiences with relationships, as well as with their insecurities. Normally they just stick with vague stuff, but they have been refreshingly articulate this season. For example, on Carly's one-on-one date with Chris at the crazy love-guru place, she said something like "I know I'm not the most beautiful woman in the room, I know I'm not very pretty, and in the past my insecurities led me into a bad relationship with a guy that didn't care about me, because I thought I couldn't do any better, but I can, I deserve to be loved, I deserve to have a loving relationship." I don't remember hearing anyone say stuff like that before. So it's been an interesting season, though I still can't get over the fact that a good number of the women are around my age, some even younger. It's just weird because when I watched the show when I was younger, they seemed to distant from me, like the way the were as women was like an abstract concept. But now I'm the same age as them and it's still abstract......Anyways, I don't really care about what happens in the end. I wish them all good luck in love and life and whatever, but I don't care who gets engaged to who. Mostly I'm just interested in seeing who will be the next bachelorette. Personally I'm hoping it's Kaitlin (Canadians represent!). She's both down to earth and edgy, not to mention hilarious, and I feel like they would have to come up with a good group of guys to suit her. Usually, the guys are pretty dull. They're just like, "I work in business marketing, my hobbies include exercising and working out." Boring. Is that attractive to people? I don't get it. It's just so basic. Like pick up a book, expand your mind, six packs are useless. But yeah, it'd be nice if they got some cool guys for a change.

Kinda getting bored of this show. It's just the same thing over and over again at this point. "Oh, another alien-insect hybrid creature! How original!" Yawn.


Another season of Survivor has commenced, this time with the White Collar vs. Blue Collar vs. No Collar twist (and very happily there is no Redemption Island or Exile Island). The twist feels very stereotypically American, and doesn't totally make sense because several of the contestants seem like they could fit in multiple categories, but whatever. The twists often come to nought anyways (though I did enjoy Brains vs. Brawn vs. Beauty, which seems somewhat similar to this season). It's the game-play that matters most to me, and it bores me whenever everyone is like "let's just be friends, let's not scheme," though thankfully there's always at least one person who is a troublemaker and starts messing with stuff just to make things interesting for themself. Anyways, it's only been one episode, so there's not too much to say yet, except........what up with all the white people? Like, there are what, two visible minorities? And So got voted off (which also seems to be a weird pattern - I feel like visible minorities, especially WOC, get voted off first a little too often). (Extra sucky for So: she and her sister were originally set to participate in last season's Blood vs. Water, but had to quit the day before the game started due to a medical emergency.) Though of course I'm sure there are other non-white players, people might be mixed, etc. But I still found it very odd that there's just, like, so many white people. Especially compared to something like The Amazing Race, which, while I don't religiously watch it, always seems to have a good mix of people (the twist this season is a bit silly, but whatevs, at least we know some people will be engaged by the end of it).

How to Get Away with Murder
To quote the 10th Doctor: "What? What?! WHAT?!"
The season finale was CRAZY. Oh my god. Like, the first season overall has been really good, perhaps slow at times, and slightly confusing with all the time jumping, but still so super polished and slick and intriguing. It's one of those shows that come along every so often and just blow you away. And the season finale, my god. I don't even know. I was shocked. Just never suspected that to happen. For every question it answered, I've got like five new questions. Oh my god. To everyone who hasn't watched this show, WATCH THIS SHOW.

Ah, Glee. What to say, what to say. I was a fan for the first couple seasons, but then all the relationship stuff got confusing and no one seemed like a geek/loser/weirdo anymore, so I stopped caring, but upon hearing that the series was going to end, I started watching again. And honestly, this season did start out all right. Rachel's fall from grace worked as an intro, the new group of students seemed interesting and they've got a lot of talent, but then.....they started focusing on relationships again. I'm sorry, I just don't care about Britney and Santana's wedding plans, and while Sue's scheming around "Klane" has been funny to watch, it was kind of unnecessary to have the whole side plot where Kurt and Blane try to date other people. Like, we all knew how it was gonna turn out, so why prolong it? And then, what the heck was with this week's episode? Why is there a child in New Directions? One of my most despised tv tropes is the spoiled bratty child, so I am not happy about all of this. The only good thing is that, with most of the old timey relationship drama out of the way, we might actually be able to get to know the newer characters before the whole thing ends. And they are great characters (as opposed to the last group of new people, whom I hated, they were like sock lint). Jane is just plain fantastic, Roderick is a phenomenal singer, Spencer is hilariously ridiculous, and the twins are lovably nutty. So let them do stuff already!

23 February 2015

Show and Tell

I just had to share this because I'm so happy about it: I went to the mall today intending to buy The Outsiders on DVD because, as my internet history can attest, I've been low-key obsessed with The Outsiders lately. So I went to HMV and browsed a bit and my mom says, "hey, look, John Lennon" - they were selling a John Lennon Greatest Hits CD for $5. And I'm like awesome, I can get that and the DVD and I'll only have to spend $20 (the DVD was $12.99). So I go to pay for it, and the cashier says, "the DVD will only be $5.99 'cause you're buying something else with it." And in my head I'm like, oh my god, is this for real? And it was! The total cost ended up being $12.42, which is less than the original cost of the DVD!

Even though the greasers didn't think the Beatles were "tuff" enough (they preferred Elvis), I'm super stoked that I got such a good deal. And yeah, I just had to share it with someone.

18 February 2015


The joys of yesterday's pancakes* are no more, for thus has begun the time of Lent, when thy must deprive thyself of all earthly pleasures because a hippie went into the desert by himself for a few weeks and we have to, you know, show our support of that decision by imitating him.

(Warning about the video: I personally find Tommy Tiernan to be hilarious most of the time, but he gets kinda racist towards the end when he starts talking about The Passion of the Christ, which is not funny. So view at your own risk. Also I was looking for the complete version of this set, when he does the whole "meet the badger" thing which is like the best part of it, but I couldn't find it.)

So I'm not a practising Catholic, but my family - or at least my mom and brother - get super into Lent for some reason. They get all excited about giving up stuff (though technically I personally believe that this is missing the spirit of Lent - it's not about deprivation but rather confirming one's faith by getting into the habit of doing good deeds/stuff that is helpful to other people (ex: volunteering at a soup kitchen)). My mom gives up the f-word every year (she has already messed up at least once today, and every time she does, she has to say the "Our Father"), and my brother gave up fast food. Then they badgered me as they do every year, so I said that I'd give up popping my pimples. This seems like a joke but it isn't. I only recently realized that I have an OCD-like problem with squeezing acne/scratching my face in general. I do it constantly, without thinking. Every time I see my face in a mirror, I'm like "okay, just pop one pimple" and then ten minutes later my face is swollen, red, and bleeding slightly. I've even begun to scratch my scalp and the back of my neck in the same unnecessary way. I was going to try to stop doing all of this anyways; it's just convenient that it's Lent.

*we actually have funnel cakes at my house