26 November 2014

Harry Potter and the Mirror of Erised

Okay, so has anyone else noticed how the things that Harry and Ron see in the Mirror of Erised (in Philosopher's Stone), their greatest desires, actually come true? Harry, who has never known any family members besides the Dursleys, sees himself surrounded by family, and Ron, the youngest of six sons, all of whom seem more accomplished and better liked than him, sees himself being super successful, Head Boy, holding the Quidditch Cup (or House Cup? Whatevs, it usually amounts to the same at Hogwarts). Anyways, they both kind of end up having their deepest desires realized.

Throughout the seven books proper, Harry becomes surrounded by people who care for him and love him like he's a member of their family (Mrs. Weasley says on a few occasions that she thinks of Harry as a son; at least half the adult male characters are father figures to him; and Hagrid is both like an older and a younger brother to him, in a weird way). And of course n the 19 years later section, Harry is married with three children - and it can't be overlooked that Harry resembles his dad and Ginny resembles Lily (even in personality Ginny is similar to Lily, except they have different eyes). So the thing he wanted more than anything in the world - he gets!

Same goes for Ron, kind of. His journey through the books is different from Harry's - Ron essentially is on a journey for confidence. He wants to accomplish great things and he wants people to admire him like they do his brothers and Harry. But he has a tendency to look for these qualities in physical things - the Cup or the Head Boy badge or better clothes or pets, more money, etc. - instead of looking within himself. But eventually he sees that the physical things don't matter as much as oneself and the way one chooses to live in the world. He eventually gains some self-confidence and does the great things that he always wanted to do. He becomes Prefect and goal tender in Quidditch, helping the team to win the cup on a couple occasions. But even more than that, he gets the confidence to help defeat Voldemort by destroying Horcruxes. For like the first half of Deathly Hallows, it's like Ron doesn't see himself as worthy of the task ahead of them, as if he isn't on the same level skill-wise as Harry and Hermione. Then, when he leaves them, it's like he realizes that it doesn't matter how talented other people think he is - he has to stand up for what is right. And that's how he achieves the greatness that he always wanted to - by being selfless rather than selfish.

Though whether Dumbledore ever got some socks for Christmas is anyone's guess, haha.

25 November 2014

The Stupid Dream that I had last night and other thoughts

So last night I had a really stupid dream, and I know dreams are pretty stupid in general and people don't usually want to hear about them, but anyways...I should probably mention right away that I had watched The Hunger Games: Catching Fire yesterday evening, which definitely influenced my dream (as tv/movies tend to do) because it was sort of a dystopian setting (and everyone in the dream stopped and did the hand symbol thing for no apparent reason) but also like a slightly run down amusement park but also a really large house (or a school?) that my family had just apparently moved into and my sister was having a sleepover and there were a ton of people there (for some reason there were people I knew in high school and university). And literally all I wanted to do was brush my teeth and wash my face, but every time I went into the bathroom someone else was already in there or someone came barging in, so I had to go searching for another bathroom, which of course became this massive quest complete with an actual obstacle course. But then I was late for class (somehow), but couldn't find my class, got lost, saw a friend in a classroom so I went in there but was nervous because I thought the teacher would yell at me for being in the wrong class and then it was a weird class anyways and I didn't like it so then I woke up and I was finally able to brush my teeth and wash my face.


I do know that this is an extremely trivial post to make today, but honestly I don't even know what to say about everything that's been happening in Ferguson. I feel so terrible for Mike Brown's family and friends, for Mike Brown himself, for his future, everything he could have accomplished, and for anyone who has to live every day afraid that the same thing will happen to them. Because this happens constantly, and it's revolting. Systematic racism - all racism - has to end. Wilson needs to be punished. He cannot get away with murder. For the safety of everyone in Ferguson, he needs to be punished by the law. I don't want someone else to try to seek revenge against him and get killed in the process.

24 November 2014

The Remarking Dead 5.7 (spoilers)

1. Really, Gabriel? Really?
2. What exactly do you think you're gonna do out there?
3. Find more undead members of your congregation?
4. Take bibles from dead people?
5. I'm sure you've got enough bibles in the church.
6. When's Morgan gonna come in to set this guy straight?
7. 'Cause you know it's gonna happen.
8. Kinda a waste of an episode, to be honest.
9. The audience knows and the characters know that the whole hostage thing won't work.
10. And Michionne stayed back at the church why?
11. She's one of the best fighters.
12. But at least we know she, Carl, and Judith should be safe...except for the hole in the church floor that they don't know about.
13. Thanks Gabriel, you coward.
14. And is Eugene alive or what? All he did was groan, which could mean anything.
15. At least Tara has a yo-yo now, so that's something.


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Not sure why this whole fried egg thing is a thing, but I'm really glad that it's happening.

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22 November 2014

Some Positivity Courtesy of Ursula Le Guin

"We will need writers who can remember freedom - poets and visionaries - the realists of a greater reality."

It seemed fitting to post this speech by Ursula Le Guin's after my previous post (also just saw it on Rookie).

Everything she says is so much what I love about writing and what drives me to write. The possibility of bringing about change. The constant reminder that you are not alone, that there is always hope.